Week 29 – Itsesi (Yourself)

Oh my goodness, what did we even do this week? I feel like the longer I’m a missionary the more that time all blurs together in one blob and I lose track of what I’ve even done in a day. And then it all flies right by you – it’s so bizarre. Also you forget like 75% of what you’ve done during the day because there’s just so much going on. And “missionary brain” is totally a thing – almost all of your spelling capabilities go out the window (thank goodness for spellcheck), you can’t remember english words or sayings anymore, and you forget all kinds of names. It’s the funniest thing. But the good thing is it doesn’t interfere with the work we are doing hahaha.

Okay now that I’ve stalled for a little hopefully I can come up with some good things that happened this week.

So yesterday we met with a less active member who joined the church about 12 years ago and she hadn’t been to church in the last 6 months. And we got there and just started getting to know her and learning all about her family and her work and how she joined the church and she started talking about how she needs to come to church she’s just been kinda lazy about it and by the end of our talking with her she had almost entirely on her own concluded she would be at church on Sunday and is giving one of the recent converts in the ward a right to church! It was so awesome! A member of the ward had asked us to go visit her and so it was wonderful to see that Heavenly Father had been preparing her and sent us there to just help get her that last little bit of the way. She’s so awesome and so much fun to talk to!

Today we had a lesson – yeah another p-day with a lesson, I know, I know but these people are just so awesome that when they can only meet on Tuesday there’s no way we’re gonna say no – and it was great. She’s very firm in her belief in her church but really wants to understand our church and how we think and has lots of really good questions about why we do and believe how we do and it’s wonderful because we can have these discussions with it getting ridiculously bible-bashy. It’s so awesome to see that there are people out there who believe in God and Christ and want to understand more about them and keep trying things out. She’s so curious about the word of wisdom that she’s actually been taking little steps to not drink coffee and only drink herbal tea so that she can see how it works. We’re excited to hear how that goes!

One thing I’ve seen a lot this week is how important it is in missionary work – and in life – to just be yourself and go for it. We get stuck in our head sometimes and worry too much about this or that or if something will work but we tend to figure it out better and faster if we just try and go with our instinct. As missionaries we can trust that those little thoughts are promptings from the spirit and that we’re being told what we should say to people. And you just feel so much better when you try and go for it because even if something goes wrong you have the satisfaction of knowing that you made the effort and that’s so much better than the guilty feeling of not trying and wondering what could have bun. It’s not always the easiest or the most fun way to do things, but it’s definitely the best way.

That’s probably one of the best things I’ve learned on my mission; how important it is to just be yourself. Heavenly Father made you how he made you because he’s got a work for you to do here and he’s got people you can help and love and uplift that you couldn’t if he’d made you to be exactly who you wish you could be. And he loves you perfectly as you are now. Yes, he wants us to be trying to do and be better, but his love is always there and he needs us to be who we are and I’m so grateful for that knowledge.

I’m sorry to say I don’t have any pictures from this week….But I will try to do better next week! Hope y’all have a good one!




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