Week 30 – Hymyile (Smile!) OR Nauraa (Laughing) as the case may be…

Alright, so I once again have put off the group email…and am running out of time. But the good thing is I have more pictures this week!! The first one is of me and Sisar Johns outside of the Turku church building, above us is the church name in Finnish (sorry that the picture is mirrored, it was a selfie and I couldn’t figure out how to flip it back over on this computer).

The other pictures are from exchanges with the Tampere Sister Training Leaders! We got to go back to my home city in Finland and spent a day doing missionary work there with Sisar Bicknell and Sisar Allen. It was such an awesome day – we talked to so many people and gave away so many copies of the Book of Mormon it was amazing! They are such awesome missionaries and we are so grateful for them.

We got back from Tampere Thursday night and then on Friday we had 4 lessons set up so we spent the whole day running around like chickens with our heads cut off but it was totally worth it. We had a less active member come on a lesson with a recent convert, met with our other recent convert and then she came on a lesson with someone we are teaching, and met with another friend we are teaching who was so touched by the things we were talking about that she asked if we would come back over on Monday (yesterday). We’ve been crazy busy, but it’s been so awesome.

One thing I’ve kinda seen this week is how much our attitude really affects what we do. There are things that we can’t control that make either work more difficult or maybe lower our energy levels, but so much more of it us up to us and want we wan to do after that. Choosing to smile and be happy and looking for the next person to help definitely gives you more energy and ends up making you feel better – it’s such a little thing but it makes a huge difference, so remember that this week – if you’re struggling take a break if you need but then choose to smile and look for the next person to help! I promise it’ll make you feel so much better. Have a great week!Sisar Cox and Sisar Johns

Sisar Cox, Sisar Johns and Sister Training Leaders July 2019

Sisar Cox, Sisar Johns and Training Sister Leaders - Beautiful smiles July 2019

Sisar Cox and Sisar Johns - laughing July 2019


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