Week 33 – Kouluttaminen (Training)

Alright, so now that I’ve slacked off on writing for a while I guess it’s time to try to make it all up hahaha. Well, today is the last pday of this transfer! Friday we got our transfer calls, and I found out that I’m training! So tomorrow I drop off my current companion in Helsinki (she’s finishing her mission so she goes back to the states this week) and then the next day I’ll come back to Turku with a brand new missionary fresh out of the MTC! We have 11 sisters and 3 elders coming in this transfer so we’ll get to see most of the sisters in the mission that day – it’s so exciting!!

So because it’s been Sisar Johns’ last two weeks we’ve been running all over the place. We’ve started teaching some new people, we’ve gotten in contact with a lot of returning members, and we had SO MANY people come to church yesterday! We had 3 of our friends we are teaching and 4 members who are coming back to church there for sacrament meeting! It helped that Sisar Johns was speaking for her last Sunday in Finland so people could come because they knew it was a one-time-only thing and they wanted to come hear her speak. And she did such a great job!

Last week for pday we got to go to a museum in Turku were you can walk underground through a part of old Turku that dates back to Finland’s medieval time. It was so cool! They apparently excavate a little more in different spots every year so ever year there’s some new underground exhibit to see. And at the time we went there happened to be a guided tour in English in just 10 minutes so we got to hear all kinds of cool facts about what the archaeologists have found.

So yeah, basically we have just been sprinting to the end of the transfer so that Sisar Johns can say bye to everyone and get everything together to go home and also to get this area stocked and ready for a greenie!! To be honest, I’m a little scared to be the one who’s supposed to know what’s going on but I’m also excited. It’s going to be so much fun. We have an amazingly supportive ward here, some stellar recent converts, and a whole bunch of friends we are teaching. And I’m so grateful for the time I’ve had to serve with Sisar Johns. I learned so much from her this transfer and feel much more ready to train, largely because of the things she has taught me. I’m gonna miss her, but I know she’s gonna keep doing great things back in the states.

Since it’s been a hot second I’ve got quite a few pictures this time around!

– our friend gave us some lollipops she got at Moomin World

– the first time that we taught a lesson over a whatsapp video call (it was about the plan of salvation and it was a few weeks ago but it went so well and the picture is so cute so I had to share)

– another museum we went to that has some of the only old buildings still standing from when there was a huge fire in Turku

– bikes have come to be one of our favorite forms of transportation – it’s WAY faster than walking and sometimes faster than taking a bus! (Don’t worry, normally my bag is on normally)

– the same friend who gave us the lollipops also gave us an American Koolaid packet – turns out we can’t hold our american sugary drinks anymore. We had to totally water it down

– but somehow we were able to handle a s’more made with snickerdoodles…it was totally worth it

Sisar Cox, Sisar Johns, Kool Aid and Cute Kitchen - Finland August 2019.jpg
Sisar Cox, Sisar Johns, Kool-Aid and Cute Kitchen
Beautiful Faith and Sister Johns August 2019.jpg
Sisar Cox and Sisar Johns
Cute sucker August 2019.jpg
Cute Finland sucker
Sisar Faith Cox on bike - check out that cute smile!!! Finland - August 2019.jpg
Cute Sisar Faith Cox – check out that great smile!!!! Finland – August 2019
S'more Finland style August 2019.jpg
S’more, Finland style – August 2019
Sister Cox and others at play - August 2019.jpg
Sisar Cox and others at a Turku Finland museum – August 2019



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