Week 35 – Adventures in Training – Chapter 2 (This post and the following post will make Faith’s blog up to date. I had a problem with my computer but is now fixed!! Woot Woot!!!)

Well friends – we’re back. It’s that time of the week again! And wow it always manages to fly by.

This weekend my companion and I decided to celebrate Christmas! It was the 24th and the 25th so on Friday we had Christmas kickoff and put up the tree and the lights and we listened to Christmas music all weekend. We figured we are missionaries who always talk about Christ anyways, so why not celebrate him in August? Sister Hill always has a mini Christmas celebration at home in august so we figured we’d keep it going. It was way fun! Christmas music is the BEST!

Last pday the three sets of missionaries in Turku met up to take all our trainees out for kebab for the first time – it was so much fun!

And I had a lot of fun marking up Alma 26. That has got to be my absolute favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon. It testifies so much of the goodness of God and all the times he steps in to help us and how that all gives us so much reason to rejoice. I love him and I love my savior! If you haven’t read that chapter recently, or at all, go ahead and check it out! It’s only like 3 pages so it’s not too much reading and I promise you’ll find something that you can relate to and that it will help uplift you this week.

Take care out there!

Celebrating Christmas early with Tree 2019.jpg

Scripture .jpg

Scripture - patient  August 2019.jpgFaith and Zone - yummy dinner Aug 2019


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