Week 42 – Adventures in Training – The Final Chapter…

That time has come my friends. The end of another transfer. And that means the end of being a trainer. I’m more than a little bummed to be saying goodbye to the sweet, wonderful Sisar Hill, but man she’s doing such a great job I know that she’s gonna keep tearing it up.

And I thought I would be leaving her behind here in Turku, and I’d move onto my next city, but President Aura threw a curve ball at us and I’m staying here! I’m so excited to get to spend Christmas here in Turku – I absolutely love this ward and this city and wow it’s just such a huge blessing. And Sisar Hill is going to be heading to the wonderful city of Kerava to serve with my former MTC companion Sisar Anderson! And here in Turku I will be finishing training Sisar Jensen – Sisar Hill’s former MTC companion! So that’s pretty fun that we are swapping mtc companions.

Because she’s leaving we’re busy with packing and finishing up vbooks so I don’t have a ton of time to write, but I can just quickly let y’all know that I know without a doubt that the Book of Mormon is true and that by reading it we can receive a lot of peace, comfort, and guidance in our lives. I’m grateful for the opportunity I have here to spend so much time studying from it every day. Make sure you’re finding time in your busy schedules to read from it! Have a wonderful week!

Sisar Hill - Faith's comp - Oct 2019.jpg– Sisar Hill with the therapy dogs they had at the library right after our lesson

Finland Fall leaves - October 2019.jpg


Faith's nametag and favorite book - October 2019.jpg

– my name-tag and one of my favorite books 💙


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