Week 34 – Adventures in Training

Okay wow, so I’m a mom now! Okay – not actually – but missionary-wise I am! After sending the wonderful Sister Johns back to America I got to welcome a brand new missionary straight from the MTC – Sister Hill!! And wow she’s so awesome! She is so ready to talk to everybody and use the Finnish that she’s got – it’s been a wonderful whirlwind of a week.

Tuesday we went down to Helsinki and met up with some of the other trainers and spent the rest of the day doing proselyting work in Marjaniemi. Then we got to spend the night there in Helsinki, had a trainers meeting Wednesday morning and then Sisar Hill and I came back to Turku and got to work! We’ve had a great time working with our friends and meeting new people contacting, tracting, and calling people from our area book.

Yesterday we had zone conference so we were on trains to and from Tampere for a little chunk of the day. But on the train ride back we started talking to the guy sitting across from us as soon as we got on and he talked with us for the whole train ride!! It was so awesome. And the conversation stayed in Finnish so it was almost 2 hours of straight Finnish – and afterwards it felt like my brain had melted a little, but it was so cool to see how far my Finnish has come since the MTC. I was pretty comfortably speaking to him and only had to say a few words in English. The gift of tongues is so real – and it’s so amazing to see it in action!

At zone conference we talked a lot about working with members and how we can help them be involved in missionary work and bring more light to their lives as well. And one of the cool things we talked about was how to do it in simple ways – whether it’s stopping by to share a scripture and say a prayer with them, or asking them to stop by to one of their neighbors with us for 15 minutes. And it can give the work such a big boost! So to those who are reading this, I’d like to invite you to find some little way to help your local missionaries. Whether it’s praying for them, introducing them to a friend or neighbor, or just sending a scripture you like to a friend of yours I promise that all those little things add up and make a huge difference in missionary work and it’ll bring blessing to your family too. And thank you for all of the wonderful things you’re already doing in your wards!

Finland is such a wonderful place and I really love the Finnish language, I’m so grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission. I feel like I’ve already learned so much and we just get to keep learning and doing hard things every day and it’s so awesome. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Sisar Cox the Trainer and Sisar Hill the Newbie - Aug 2019.jpg– mine and Sister Hill’s first picture together in front of the church building

Finland - New and youngest District - Aug 2019– the new district! We’re the youngest district in the mission with 3 trainees and the oldest two having just hit their year mark a few days ago. It makes for a lot of fun!

Sisar Cox - COUCH study time - Aug 2019 .jpg– studies (we are so grateful for couches)

Finland - Hot Air Balloon - Aug 2019.jpg– there was a hot air balloon flying through Turku! That’s the first one I’ve seen in Finland

Fall is in the air in Finland - street near the church - Aug 2019.jpg– what the street by the church looks like – the fall is coming!


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