Week 36 – Adventures in Training 3,4,5 (Whoops)

So yes…I have been slacking in the email department. That is true. Sorry about that. Well kinda. The napping and calling home instead of writing a group email is not something I’m currently feeling sorry for haha but anyways hopefully I can make up for it now!

Wowza we have had a crazy week. We’ve been so busy visiting returning members and friends we are teaching and setting up appointments with people we have found – it’s been crazy how busy we are and how much scheduling we are doing. But I love it! We’ve seen so many miracles this week because of it. I won’t be able to list them all, but I’m gonna see how many I can get before my fingers or my brain get too tired.

Okay we can start with Wednesday. We had district council, and President and Sisar Aura were there and we got to have interviews with them – which is always wonderful. And they gave a piece of advice that has helped through this whole week. They said that another missionary talked about how hard it was to go out and talk to people until he started thinking about it as going out to meet his new friends, and then he got so excited about it. And that idea was still nerve wracking to me, but I realized it’s because in my head I had it that with the people who are my friends and family I can be totally comfortable because they are in that category, but anybody else is somebody I don’t know and I don’t know whether or not they want to be my friend and that is scary and this perspective makes talking to strangers more exhausting. But then I realized that I can just walk out and talk to people assuming they are already my friend – they just don’t know it yet. I’m not getting to know a stranger, I’m getting to know a friend better. And I can assume they are my friend because they are a son or daughter of god, my spiritual siblings, and therefore have already qualified to be a friend. And whoa. That has made a huge difference. It’s been so much easier to talk to people and to know what to say because I’m thinking more about how I love them as a son or daughter of God and how I can be a good friend to them. We’ve been able to help more people and get to know some wonderful new people because of it and I’m just so grateful for that advice.

So that same day we met with a woman we had called from the area book, and she’s from Spain but has lived in Finland for about 8 years. She was so friendly when we went over, and it turns out that in Spain she went to our church a lot and members served her all the time and she loved the missionaries and they helped her too and once when they didn’t have a place to meet for church she hosted the branch in her house every Sunday for three months. We are shocked she isn’t a member. But she said she was too busy at the time to meet with missionaries and take the lessons, but now she has time and is ready. It was so special to see the Lord’s timing in action and how he watches over his children and is always guiding them to come closer to him.

Thursday and Friday we had some awesome lessons where our friends really opened up to us so we can help them better and we stopped by a members house and I ended up being able to help him with his math homework because he’s taking a logic class and I took a class at BYU about it! It wasn’t a required class for me, but I’m so glad I took it because I was able to serve a member of our ward better. Also I love math and figuring it out so it was a tender mercy for me too haha.

And Friday night I left my bus pass at a member’s house as we ran out the door after a lesson and the bus driver let me on the bus anyways! Another huge tender mercy.

Saturday we had a few lessons, and one was right before sports night. The member was so awesome and came to the sports night to give me the bus pass, but she accidentally came an hour early because she thought it started at 6 instead of 7 and we were having a lesson right then so she ended up coming on the lesson and did such a wonderful job bearing her testimony there and helping us teach – it was so awesome. And I had left my bus pass at her house on Friday because we booked it out to make it home before 9. Had we decided it was okay to be home after our curfew, I wouldn’t have left the bus card and she wouldn’t have been there for the lesson, and probably not for sports night either and she had a blast there too. It was a huge testimony builder to me that we have the little rules there for a reason – and when we do all we can to keep them we get special blessings. It was so awesome.

Sunday my companion and I taught the 12-18 year old class in church in the second hour. We were asked to do it about an hour before church started and I was a bit nervous for it – but we planned it and it actually went so well! We had an object lesson with candy for them and everything. And then in the evening we went to do followups and stopped by a less active member and normally she isn’t home, but she was! And she let us in and we had a lesson and found out she’d been talking with her daughter about coming to church and prayed this morning and felt God was telling her she needed to come back to church. So we are gonna go see her again on Saturday and then she’ll be at church on Sunday! We are so happy for her and it was awesome to see that Heavenly Father was prompting us again to go see her on the day she’d had that strong answer so that we could help her too.

So then Sunday we had a friend we wanted to come to church, but she was sick and so she couldn’t make it. And the member who wanted to give her a ride texted us on Monday and said he had some fruit to drop off for her hoping it would bring a smile to her face. So we met him outside her place and brought some pumpkin bread too and gave it to her and she had the biggest smile on her face. She welcomed us in and we shared a scripture with her and she was so confident about coming to church this upcoming Sunday so she can meet the people who sent over the fruit! We just have some truly thoughtful and amazing members in this ward. I am so grateful.

And then after that we finished our studies and we talked to a guy at the bus stop and he missed 2 buses to keep talking to us about why we are here and what we do and we gave him a Book of Mormon and got his number and he was way genuine. We are hoping to set something up with him this week!

And today we met with a friend we’ve been meeting with for a while, she was met the transfer before I got to Turku, and she has starting reading the Book of Mormon and it has gone from her being nit-picky about things and saying it disproves the book to sharing the parts of it that she enjoys. She’s seriously trying to figure out what the Book of Mormon means to her and how it helps her understand who god is and it’s so cool to see her get so excited about it.

And so yes, this was a lot. And that was only some of what happened this week, and there have been plenty of other miracles in the weeks I’ve forgotten to write. But its funny because we often don’t recognize miracles for what they are. We mark it up to coincidence or give the credit to ourselves or others. But I promise you if you take the time to reflect on your week or day, you will see how Heavenly Father has sprinkled all kinds of miracles throughout your life. And it really does make a difference. It makes life sweeter and more exciting, and whoever you are reading this I really want that for you. So take a little time to do it – I know you will see God’s love for you even more!

I hope you all have a wonderful week, I’ll catch you in the next one 🙂

– pumpkin bread!! I found cans of pumpkin puree in the american aisle and we have been baking it for EVERYONE. It’s not really a thing here, so it’s fun to give everyone a new treat to try!

– Me and Sisar Hill with the contents of a package I got from my grandparents. That was also a huge blessing this week!

– a table full of all the goodies and bread we got from members in the space of 3 days (this happened about 2 weeks ago)

– a picture without food haha (jk, well only kinda, but anyways that’s part of the math homework I got to help with

Pumpkin bread Sept 2019.jpg

Darling Faith - Treats from G'ma and G'pa (it took forever and a day to get the box to her).jpg

Treats from members Sept 2019.jpg

Loving the math - Faith helping a friend with proofs Sept 2019.jpg



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